Man trade show

The Man and Woman trade shows are on the move.

For 2017, the Paris-based trade show will hold its New York shows at Spring Studios instead of Industria Superstudio in the Meatpacking District, which has recently undergone renovations — its Washington Street location is being used for “Exhibitionism,” a Rolling Stones exhibit sponsored by DHL, through March.

“It’s been five years of doing the show at Industria Studios and we decided to move to Spring Studios to bring some freshness and excitement around the show,” said Antoine Floch, cofounder and director of the Man and Woman trade shows. “This location is right between SoHo and TriBeCa and it makes it easier for people to access the show.”

Although they are moving to a larger space, Floch emphasized that the shows will maintain their intimate size and feature around 25 vendors for Man, its men’s trade show, and Woman, its women’s trade show.

“The idea is to keep the show the same as we did before and not make it too big,” Floch said. “We want to remain selective and make sure we appeal press and buyers.”

The Man show will take place in New York from Jan. 24-26, while the Woman show will run from Feb. 23-25.

During the Paris men’s and women’s shows, which take place from Jan. 20-22 and March 3-5, respectively, the organizers will open a showroom concept that will run congruently with the trade shows over two additional days.

Floch said that because New York shows begin right after the Paris men’s shows this season, the organizers wanted to provide exhibitors more time before the trade shows started to preview both men’s and women’s pre-collections together. The showroom concept, which will be located in central Marais, will run from Jan. 18-22 for Man and March 2-6 for Woman.