Jean Paul Gaultier for OVS Advertising Campaign

Italian retailer OVS on Monday unveiled the eveningwear capsule collection designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. The lineup will debut on the company’s online store on Nov. 18 and the following day at 20 OVS stores in Italy.

The French designer developed a collection of 60 pieces for men and women, which will retail at prices ranging from 29 euros, or $32 at current exchange rate, to 149 euros, or $164.

Gaultier juxtaposed some of his signature motifs, such as the marine stripes and the tattoo-inspired graphics, with a damier pattern and a new print of game cards.

“My collaboration with OVS is a playful collection for the end of the year holidays,” Gaultier said. “I wanted something fun and at the same time dressed up, that is why we developed a print with the deck of cards and used the asymmetrical cuts.”

The women’s range includes pieces such as a trenchcoat cut shorter on the front to be worn as an evening dress; a mannish suit incorporating see-through organza details; a reversible, bias cut printed maxiskirt; an allover sequined oversize bomber, and fitted Lurex sweaters with stripes.

The same motifs also appear in the men’s lineup, which spans from printed jeans, T-shirts with tattoolike prints and Windbreakers showing damier details, to tailoring options, including patchwork suits.

The offering is completed by men’s and women’s footwear styles, as well as belts, silk scarves, bags and underwear.

“First of all, we decided to choose Jean Paul Gaultier because he has a fun, playful image. I think our customers find him friendly and low-key, which is something very important for us,” said OVS chief executive officer Stefano Beraldo. “This is also a tool to demonstrate once again that OVS is not only competitive in terms of prices but also in terms of the quality of its fashion design.”

The debut of the capsule designed by Gaultier also marks the launch of, the company’s online store shipping to any destination within Europe.

OVS, which is 52 percent controlled by Gruppo Coin SpA with the remaining shares publicly listed, has initiated an overseas expansion process targeting especially Switzerland, Austria and then Slovenia and Hungary.

Last September, the retailer revealed its intention to acquire a 35 percent stake in Sempione Retail AG, which controls Swiss apparel retailer Charles Vögele Holding AG. The tender offer will close on Nov. 23.

“If we complete the acquisition, as I think it’s going to happen, Charles Vögele will transform about 130 of its stores in Switzerland into OVS doors within July and September,” Beraldo said. “Six months later, we will debut 100 units in Austria.”

According to Beraldo, Charles Vögele also controls 70 stores in German retail parks and they will be transformed into shops under the Upim mass-market label, controlled by OVS.

“With the acquisition, we will also enter in markets where the e-commerce is relevant,” said Beraldo, who expects that online sales will play a pivotal role in the international development of OVS.

In the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, OVS revenues rose 7.5 percent to 1.32 billion euros, or $1.49 billion, despite continued contraction in the sector as a whole in Italy. In 2015, OVS opened 189 stores between franchises and directly controlled units, but also improved sales in existing locations.

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