Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix Collection

The world of online personal styling services just got a little bit more inclusive.

The Stitch Fix x Rebecca Minkoff capsule collection, which launches Saturday on Stitch Fix, offers the designers’ clothing in extended sizes on the styling platform for the first time. Minkoff said the new collection was inspired by working women of all shapes and sizes.

“I’m not a size zero. Why would I only want to talk to that?,” Minkoff told WWD. 

When Minkoff, a mother of three, was pregnant, people often told her to just “buy larger sizes.” 

“Maybe that works for some people, but not for me,” Minkoff explained. “Everything shifted.” 

Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix Collection

Pieces from the Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix collection. 

The designer knew she wasn’t alone and that women’s bodies fluctuate all the time⁠ — not just during childbirth. 

Pair that with Stitch Fix’s wealth of data and customer feedback, and Minkoff’s team was able to create a collection that zeroed in on different body types, that wasn’t just up-sizing. 

“What Stitch Fix is known for with their data, specifically, is how the arm hole should be; how the spread of the shoulders is. Because they learned that from their customers,” said Minkoff, who began working with Stitch Fix back in 2017. “They incorporate customer feedback to refine the fit and the size over and over again. And when you’re launching something new, you don’t want to make any guesses.

“And if you look at the landscape of fashion, it’s out of whack with what brands are offering to the sizes [out there],” she continued. “Just take America, for example. Where the average size is a 12-plus for women. And then you take a look at who’s offering that to women and making them feel great and making them feel like they have designer offerings to choose from. It’s very small.” 

Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix

More looks from the Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix collection.  Courtesy

The eight-piece collection comes in sizes XXS to 3X and 00 to 24 W, ranging in price from $138 to $248 and includes ready-to-wear women’s apparel for the modern working woman. All but two pieces are available exclusively to Stitch Fix customers. 

The Stitch Fix x Minkoff collaboration comes at a time when Stitch Fix might need a little jumpstart. Shares of the San Francisco-based company, which went public in 2017, are down nearly 60 percent year-over-year. And while Stitch Fix is still one of the highest-profile online personal styling services, the competition is stacking up. 

Dia & Co., Trunk Club and Le Tote, which recently bought Lord & Taylor, are just some of the companies that offer online styling services. Amazon launched its own online styling service — Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe — in July. 

Even so, Stitch Fix seems to be on the move. In addition to the Minkoff collaboration, Stitch Fix recently bought Finery, the two-year-old digital wardrobe start-up founded by actress and model Brooklyn Decker and former journalist Whitney Casey. Stitch Fix has yet to declare what it will do with the digital wardrobe service.

Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix

Rebecca Minkoff x Stitch Fix collection.  Courtesy

Minkoff will be showing both the Stitch Fix collection and her regular fall 2019 collection on Sept. 7 during New York Fashion Week.

“We are redefining what the future of work is,” Minkoff said of the new collections. “I wanted to design a collection that could take someone from a board room meeting to pick up their kids to go have a fantastic night out of drinks. And just celebrate all the different areas where women are excelling in the workplace. And not your old-school look and feel of Melanie Griffith in ‘Working Girl.'”

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