Adidas Originals by Neighborhood

Expect monochrome, plenty of moto-inspired elements and a bit of Japanese history infused into the new Adidas Originals by Neighborhood collection for spring.

The sportswear firm and Japanese streetwear brand continued their long-standing relationship with what Adidas has dubbed the most comprehensive collection thus far with Neighborhood, and rang in the offering with a party in downtown Los Angeles Thursday night in the historic Bradbury Building.

The range includes T-shirts, sweats, track pants and outerwear with elements of performancewear, in a nod to Adidas Originals, combined with motorcycle-inspired details paying homage to Neighborhood’s roots with quilting and D-ring hardware. The collection also includes four footwear silhouettes, including a new model dubbed the Chop Shop NBHD.

Neighborhood founder and head designer Shinsuke Takizawa said the goal was to take the concept of a tribe or crew and apply it to the collection. He also made references to the Japanese special police force, called the Shinsengumi, established in 1864 in Japan. A geometric design the Shinsengumi wore on their uniforms appears on some of the footwear.

“There’s a big strong trust between us, so we can just only focus on the product and the design,” Takizawa said through a translator of the partnership with Adidas, which dates back to 2005.

Adidas Originals by Neighborhood

Adidas Originals by Neighborhood  Courtesy Photo

The designer went on to say his appreciation for the Adidas heritage is what he most admires of the brand and one of the reasons the partnership has continued for as long as it has.

The two have already planned another collaboration for fall Takizawa said takes the aesthetic in a new direction.

Up next for Neighborhood is Tokyo Fashion Week, a first for the 25-year-old brand that reflects just how far the streetwear segment has come from the mid-Nineties when Neighborhood first started, the designer noted.

He pointed to collaborations between luxury brands and streetwear, such as Louis Vuitton and Supreme, as examples of the biggest changes that have occurred to the category since Neighborhood first launched.

“Now in fashion and streetwear it’s getting closer and [there’s] crossover,” Takizawa said.

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