Alvin Valley

Alvin Valley, who has developed a following for his tailored pants, is popping into The Westchester Mall from Thursday through the end of February.

Valley has teamed with Guesst to help locate and manage properties for his brand across the U.S. Guesst’s technology platform is built around pop-share, a solution to expensive, labor-heavy pop-up stores. With a pop-share, existing retailers offer brands seamless access to their established space, merchandising expertise, staffing and customers.

As reported, the brands that are part of the Guesst House pop-share at The Westchester include Faherty, Welden, Rhone, Robert Graham, Jared Lang, Freida Rothman, Mandarina Duck and Saint James, among others.

Jay Norris, chief executive officer of Guesst, said he was excited to have Valley in its GuesstHouse @ The Westchester. “Alvin Valley brings elevated creativity, a compelling narrative and a certin ‘je ne sais quoi’ to our curated collective.” The GuesstHouse is 3,200 square feet.

As part of his rebrand, Valley relaunched wholesale this year, started a new web site and re-opened a holiday pop-up in Palm Beach at The Esplanade on Worth Avenue.

“I am looking to position the brand in key locations that gradually grow exposure. The new locations need to make sense for my customers. We need to reinvent what the retail experience should be, seamless and flexible,” said Valley. “I am interested in discovering and pursuing communities that will benefit from having a niche brand that’s highly specialized in fit.”

Valley has also partnered with Christos Garkinos who specializes in vintage couture and accessories such as Chanel, Hermès and Gucci. Together they are doing events in Park City, Utah; Chicago; Lexington, Ky., and Elkhart, Ind. The next event will be Dec. 17 and 18 at the Sunset Towers in Los Angeles, starting with a cocktail party followed by a trunk show and tailoring event.

“Christos is the perfect partner for these kinds of events. He brings in such amazing knowledge and energy. His mix of clients works perfectly with mine, and this will be our second year working together,” said Valley.

Next year, Valley plans to open six pop-up shops, either stand-along Alvin Valley boutiques or as shop-in-shops within other retail spaces.

Valley’s collection features pants, day-to-evening dresses, tailored jumpsuits and evening separates.


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