A look from the new collection.

The “Jean Queen” is going high tech.

Diane Gilman, a champion for Baby Boomer women’s fashion who has built a $150 million denim collection at HSN, has developed a new technology that is intended to solve several issues that typically plague women of a certain age.

Gilman’s new Fit Solution technology, developed in partnership with her longtime manufacturing partner Sunrise Brands, offers inner-support compression in the back panel of a silky four-way stretch knit fabric that is intended to lift the butt while providing maximum stretch across the body.

The Up-lifter Virtual Stretch Skinny or Bootcut jean will launch Thursday on HSN and is one of several new models Gilman will be unveiling this winter.

Gilman said the Fit Solution technology is “very effective for a far more youthful and toned side and back view. We give you back what nature and gravity took away.

“I must say, I have worn the Up-lifter and really love them,” she added. “They give me a perfectly lifted/rounded bottom and sleek back thigh. The silky knit fabric on the inside is like a gentle but effective girdle.”

In addition to the Up-lifter, other models will include a Seamless skinny version designed to provide slimmer thighs and hips, and a Shaper skinny with an internal tummy mesh.

The jeans will retail for $59.90 but will be discounted at various times while being sold on air.

Since Gilman launched her denim collection on HSN 10 years ago, the line has sold more than 9.2 million pairs.