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LOS ANGELES — Jeremy Scott is in Monrovia looking for gemstones.

He’s back in the Los Angeles area, glad to be home, after a whirlwind of travel. He’s just completed three shows and designed two collections, all in a span of two months. And now he’s talking about a collaboration with the nearly 100-year-old brand London Fog.

The two-season collaboration is set to see the first collection released March 13, bear the signature tan canvas material of a classic trench, with the added interest of zippers and leopard print.

“I wanted the first [season] to home in on the trench, the icon and what I feel like they’re most known for — that very classic, trenchcoat in play with that iconography, and then I started to subvert from there,” Scott said.

Scott said he had a mullet in mind when designing his spin on the collection’s trenchcoat, which can be zipped in the front giving it a high-low detail and a leopard lining. A laptop case made to look like a folded trench and leopard print on an umbrella, hatbox-style purse, bucket hat, scarf and suitcase are also part of the offering.

“I wanted to play with the idea of travel as well, which I feel is kind of in their DNA,” Scott said. “The brand is nearly 100 years old so they’ve not only endured, but they’ve also seen different phases of our culture. So just mixing it all up together.”

The second collection will continue on with the London Fog DNA, but “I have some new tricks up my sleeve,” Scott said.

The collaboration is an interesting one and something Scott noted as funny and unexpected.

“I was excited about being asked by such an American legacy brand, frankly. Growing up in America, I don’t think I’ve never not known about London Fog since I was a kid. It’s your winter coats, especially growing up in the Midwest,” he said. “Who would have ever thought of the two of us together. They’re a classic and I love taking something that is iconic and classic and putting my spin on it.”

That’s exactly what London Fog was looking for when it partnered with the designer.

“You take an iconic brand like London Fog, with a wonderful history and you team them with an over-the-top designer like Jeremy, and you get stuff like this, which is just fabulous, innovative and extends the brand’s reach,” said Robert Galvin, chief executive officer, president and board member at London Fog parent Iconix Brand Group Inc.

The collaborations are seen as a key way of nabbing more eyes on the brand from both new customers and those that haven’t shopped London Fog recently. More partnering with designers across Iconix brands is expected over time, Galvin said.

“They’re [collaborations] important because they allow the brands to test and they allow the brands to do something that is allowing them to step out a little bit more,” he said. “You’re getting some of the fan base and recognition of what a Jeremy brings to the table with the iconic nature of a London Fog, and so that collaboration, that teaming up, brings newness to the marketplace.”

The London Fog x Jeremy Scott collection for spring is priced from $60 to $300 and will be sold at some Macy’s stores and the retailer’s online shop, London Fog’s web store and Hudson’s Bay stores and online.

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