Lotto "Life's" spring 2018 collection

MILAN – Italian sportswear company Lotto is launching “Life’s,” a label offering apparel and footwear collections specifically designed for an active lifestyle.

The new brand, which debuts in store and online with the next spring season, features two different collections. Life’s Active offers a fitness and training wardrobe, while Life’s Inspired includes sporty clothes and accessories for everyday use.

The products will retail from 40 euros to 100 euros.

The launch of Life’s is part of the Lotto company’s brand reorganization, developed under the guidance of the firm’s president, Andrea Tomat.

Along with the new Life’s, Lotto currently operates four other labels.  Lotto Performance is dedicated to the world of competitive sports, Lotto Leggenda re-edits the company’s archival products, Aequiter offers protective sport shoes and Lotto Works develops product ranges for specific working environments.

“Lotto has always deeply connected with sport and today is an evolving brand, operating not only in the lifestyle segment. More than a year ago we started a new, challenging path involving the whole company and we strongly believe in it,” said Tomat. “I like to sum up this project with one word: ‘Sportingly.’ This word refers to a special balance of commitment and fun, sacrifice and passion, which are all things belonging to the sport sphere. This word perfectly reflects the nature of our company: passion for sport, commitments to respect, joy of life, Italian pride and love for the products we manufacture.”

Lotto, which in January debuted an apparel and footwear collaboration with designer Damir Doma, operates 150 mono-brand stores. Its collections are also available at 4,000 retailers worldwide.