The campaign for the “No Plastic More Fun” initiative by Worldrise in collaboration with North Sails and the Ocean Family Foundation.

North Sails is taking its fight against disposable plastics a step further by engaging Milan’s night owls.

The sailmaking specialist is partnering with Worldrise, the nonprofit set up by the brand’s ambassador and marine biologist Mariasole Bianco, to enroll a number of the city’s nightclubs to go plastic free by the end of 2019.

By adhering to the project, called “No Plastic More Fun,” the nightclubs have all pledged to replace disposable plastics with eco-friendly alternatives, including bio-plastic glasses, which are both biodegradable and compostable, and aluminum water bottles, as well as avoiding the use of straws.

The initiative will officially kick off on the evening of May 4, renamed “Blue Night: The Sea Stars From Here.”

“Plastics don’t have to be demonized, instead its use and abuse are critical,” said Elisa Riva, marketing director of North Sails, while unveiling the partnership at Milan’s City Aquarium on Friday.

“Our roots have been always connected to the sea. We believe it’s important to keep networking with public and private institutions and nonprofits to obtain positive results,” she added, recalling how the company has been implementing different initiatives to reach all ages and targets, in this case young adults.

“The audience of such a project is made of tomorrow’s decisionmakers. Our decisions across the next 10 years will impact the planet’s survival for the upcoming 10,000 years,” added Bianco, who spearheaded the project involving around 30 clubs in the city, 15 of which have already completed their plastic-free transition.

Bianco and Worldrise project manager Virginia Tardella noted the network’s pledged plastic-free policy would reduce the amount of wasted plastics by 17 tons each year.

“This is not a green — or blue — washing project, instead it’s important because it proves that acting cohesively on many levels can help us leave a better world to the future generations,” Bianco said, underscoring that 80 percent of the plastic polluting the oceans and seas comes from the land. “Everybody can decide what impact he or she wants to have on the planet, and it can be a positive one, too,” she added.

The project obtained the patronage of Milan’s Municipality, which is also committed with a range of initiatives to ease the city’s eco-friendly transition as part of its “Milano Plastic Free” program, as “the awareness of the citizens, especially the youngest ones, is rising day by day,” underscored Cristina Tajani, Milan’s fashion and design city councilor.

In addition to providing the nightclubs with eco-friendly options to serve cocktails and drinks, Worldrise, supported by North Sails and the Ocean Family Foundation, has created a tongue-in-cheek media campaign with claims including “plastic sucks!,” or “better single than single use,” flanked by digital graphics.

The campaign will appear on billboards installed at the nightclubs involved, which include Tunnel Club, Alcatraz, Santeria Toscana 31 and Madama, among others, while leaflets bearing the same graphics will be distributed to the clients.

In keeping with its commitment to preserve the sea, North Sails has also recently revealed its support of the 10th edition of Italy’s 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar regatta pushing the offshore competition — taking place on May 30 through the coasts of the Tuscany region — to become completely plastic-free.

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