Jake Wall and Blake Patterson finished the 14th season of “Project Runway” last year with more than a TV credit to their résumés. The duo also ended up collaborating together on Jake + Blake as part of Wall’s San Francisco-based brand.

With their respective strengths in men’s suiting and women’s special occasion dressing, Wall and Patterson joined creative forces for the current spring season, offering five pieces each for men and women in the ready-to-wear segment and 18 looks total in the custom division. For fall, they sharpened their focus to create distinct stories for the two categories. While the rtw collection, which retails from $325 to $1,595, is titled “American Graffiti” with a moto influence, the custom grouping, which is priced from $1,495 to $3,500, is called “La Dolce Vita” with inspiration taken from the opulent Eighties soap opera “Dynasty.”

“Our two styles actually have a very dynamic juxtaposition,” said Wall, 36, who serves as creative director of his five-year-old brand called Jake. “With Blake, it’s the bigger, the better. I’m all about precision and construction and refinement. We want to explode those two ideas.”

In addition to working with crepe-back satin, Italian cotton, red camouflage-print chiffon and worsted wool lined with silk, they also cut lace into a women’s suit designed by Patterson for fall. “Being here at Jake, he’s really helping me with the construction of the suit that I couldn’t do on my own,” said Patterson, 24, who is a junior designer focused on women’s wear at the company.

By collaborating with Patterson, Wall aims to grow his company, which generates annual sales between $3 million and $5 million. Following the March 3 opening of a flagship in San Francisco, he intends to open three to five additional brick-and-mortar locations over the next five years. He also wants to break into the wholesale business with an exclusive national retailer by the end of this year.

In the meantime, his schedule is packed this week with events at Bloomingdale’s department stores in Palo Alto, San Francisco and San Diego to promote the men’s collection he designed with Patterson.

Even though Patterson is continuing to produce his Los Angeles-based women’s line called Blake Morris, the two are devoted to enriching their collaboration. “It’s two people having a conversation through fabric,” Wall said.