Script's Charming Baker T-shirt.

With a price tag of around $300 or more, Script’s T-shirts are not going to be a fit for everyone. Instead, the brand is targeted to art fans seeking an exclusive piece hand-signed by a select roster of well-known artists. The launch collection will be by British artist Charming Baker, who has worked with the brand on limited-edition unisex Ts bearing his best-known image, Half-Pint.

“Half-Pint is a painting I did of my son wearing a panda mask when he was six years old,” said Baker. “Looking back at it, there’s a clarity and yet an ambiguity to the image at the same time, which perhaps explains its particular appeal. It has that certain balance of cuteness and being sinister; funny and at the same time a little unnerving. Harvey’s now 20 and is bigger than me, but I still call him Half-Pint.”

Only 1,130 shirts will be produced and there were also 30 VIP editions, which have been gifted to celebrities including The Weeknd and Katy Perry, according to the brand. Each shirt is screen-printed by hand, numbered and signed by the artist.

The Script shirts launch April 6 on the brand’s e-commerce site. They will retail for between $295 and $395.

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