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UBM Fashion has made some major changes in its fashion trade event calendar for 2018.

Highlights include the introduction of a pre-collections show in June, a dual-gender fashion trade show in July (and January 2019) and the elimination of Intermezzo after the January 2018 show.

After consulting with customers and industry influencers, and in partnership with Accessories Council, UBM Fashion will introduce an additional June pre-collections show, which will run June 10 to 12, 2018. It will include Coterie, Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow and Pool Trade Show. Exhibitors will show a mixture of pre-spring and resort lines.

Second, UBM Fashion will unify the men’s and women’s contemporary apparel, accessories and footwear communities, creating the first dual-gender fashion trade show in New York. UBM Fashion’s dual-gender New York market will launch in July, with Project as its marquee show for both men’s and women’s lines. (It will take place again in January 2019).

The dual-gender shows that will run July 22 to 24 will be Project Women’s, Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow, Project, MRket and Children’s Club.

The dual-gender shows will run about three weeks before the Las Vegas shows — UBM’s largest event — which usually takes place in the second or third week of August. Those shows include Project, Project Women’s, WWD Magic and FN Platform. All the dual-gender shows will take place at the Jacob Javits Center.

“We have so many customers who are dual-gender companies, on both the buyer side and brand side. It makes a ton of sense to run it as one show,” said Mike Alic, managing director of UBM Fashion. “In Las Vegas, we run Project and Project Women’s in the same building and at the same time. The brands that are at the intersection of that are the big denim brands, which are showing both. It works really well for them. It’s really efficient and really productive and creates critical mass to the show.”

Previously, in New York, the men’s market week ran the third week of July and the women’s market ran the first week of August. “We’re taking those two markets and putting them together because it’s more efficient for a lot of the retailers and works really well,” said Alic. It’s based on the Vegas business model which does well, he said. He pointed out that they’re enabling the women’s wear brands to have more breathing room before the Las Vegas shows because previously the whole women’s market was going from New York to Vegas in the time frame of a week-and-a-half.

For the time being, the January 2018 Men’s and Women’s market weeks will remain separate, with women’s running Jan. 7 to 9 and men’s Jan. 21 to 23.

The changes will take effect after January, because UBM needed time to make the switch with Javits, said Alic. The final Intermezzo Collections will take place Jan. 7 to 9, 2018, when Intermezzo, Accessorie Circuit, AccessoriesTheShow, Fame, Moda and Children’s Club will be held. The men’s shows, Jan. 21 to 23, will include Project, MRket, The Tents, Vanguards Gallery and Project Sole.

“After January, we’re not using the Intermezzo brand anymore,” said Alic. He said Intermezzo used to run in January, May and August. “We actually realized that June was a better timeframe to run shows than May. We’re shifting the shows we used to run in May to June. Instead of using the Intermezzo brand, we’re going to use the Coterie brand,” said Alic. In January 2019, Intermezzo will become Project Women’s.

Alic explained that every brand retailers came to see in August in New York now has the option to be within the dual-gender Project space in July. Those brands that participated in Intermezzo in January, May and August also participated in Coterie in February, June and September. (In recent seasons, some of the key brands had been sitting out Intermezzo and waiting until Coterie).

Peter Berta, managing director of Intermezzo, will move into a sales director role for Coterie. Danielle Licata continues as vice president of Coterie and Kelly Helfman remains vice president of Project Women’s. UBM will continue to offer Vintage — which had been featured in Intermezzo — and will expand it within Coterie.

Staying the same will be the February 26 to 28 Womenswear Show: Coterie, Fame, Moda, Sole Commerce and Children’s Club. And Sept. 15 to 17 will be the Womenswear Show: Coterie, Fame, Moda, Pooltradeshow, Sole Commerce and Sourcing @ Coterie.

AccessoriesThe Show will occur three times a year in January, June and July. Accessories is part of Coterie in September, but it’s not a separate show.

The Jacob Javits Center will continue to be UBM Fashion’s New York home base. MAGIC in Las Vegas will continue to run in February and August.

“We’re trying to focus on our biggest most powerful brands and Project is one of our biggest, most powerful brands,” said Alic. “For the buyer, it’s simpler to explain what we have in New York. It’s more connected to the fashion seasons. We think it makes it simpler for the retailer and creates less time they have to come to the city and takes advantages of the natural synergies between men’s and women’s,” he said.

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