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Edgy, eclectic and inked — that pretty much summed up the style vibe among attendees at the recent Berlin Fashion Week. Outside the various venues that hosted more than 50 runway presentations and a dozen trade fairs, there was a steady — and much expected — stream of black. And yet there was also a surprising amount of color: floral and geometric print tops, skirts and dresses for the women and trim suits and vibrant socks and shoes for the men.

Berliners dress to their own arty beat so even conservative looks got a dose of eccentricity via exposed midriffs or bare arms and legs decorated with elaborate tattoos. Shredded denim, black leather, Birkenstock-like sandals worn with socks and an array of illustrated T-shirts, many in bright colors and sported by men under black jackets, tilted the wardrobe equation toward alternative — not unlike much of the fashion shown on the city’s runways.

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