Commonwealth Adidas

IN GOOD COMPANY: Streetwear boutique Commonwealth is the latest to join the roster of select brands and big names for a collaboration that’s part of the Adidas Consortium collection.

The shoe collaboration, Commonwealth’s first with the sportswear firm, reflects a new take on the ZX 500 RM and is meant to be nods to the retailer’s doors in both the U.S. and the Philippines.

Commonwealth, which was started in 2004, has stores in the U.S. in downtown Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach. Commonwealth expanded to Los Angeles’ Arts District about a year ago. It was the first time in 10 years the business had opened a new door in the U.S., setting up shop in a portion of downtown that is now just steps away from the recently opened Dover Street Market.

Discussions first began roughly a year ago in Paris during the Consortium sales meeting.

“For us, it’s great,” said Omar Quiambao, who founded Commonwealth with Larry Incognito. “We’ve been in business just about 15 years now and Adidas is the largest brand to date that we’ve gotten a chance to work with so we feel extremely fortunate. We know not everyone gets to work on a project with them so it definitely was on our wish list.”

The shoe retails for $170, with Commonwealth maintaining the exclusive on the release for a week before it’s broadened out to select retailers, in addition to a limited number available through the Copdate and Frenzy apps.

“For us, we wanted to create a shoe that was definitely wearable,” Quiambao said. “I know sometimes with limited-edition shoes, they can go on the extreme novelty side of things and that’s completely understandable. It just really depends on what people’s goals are with projects, but we wanted to put together a shoe that we felt could reach a wide audience and appreciate some of the aesthetic details we put together on the shoe.”

A colorway for friends and family will be released at the start of next year. The retailer has additional projects planned for next year with other brands.

“As far as for right now, this [Adidas collaboration] is the way we’re topping the  year,” Quiambao said.