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Morocco is home to one of the most progressive art scenes on the African continent. Marrakech, known within the North African nation as “the red city,” put on a colorful show, drawing local and international visitors.

Style at the fair was as creative as its attendees, and featured a mix of textiles and bright patterns that popped. Color was the name of the game, and attendees accessorized with statement pieces such as angular bags and hand-crafted jewelry. Most unique was the blend of contemporary trends and traditional Moroccan style; twists on the Moroccan “Balgha” (pointed, heel-less leather shoes) and “djellaba” made frequent appearances at the fair.

One-54 took place on the grounds of the La Mamounia hotel, which from the 12th century into the early Twenties was a palace, until it was then converted into a hotel. The hotel has attracted visitors from public figures such as Winston Churchill to celebrities like Charlie Chaplin, making its guest list as impressive as the hotel’s grounds.

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