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It’s easy to spot a happy couple in Seoul. The dead giveaway? The coordinated “couple look” featuring identical his-and-hers versions of an entire outfit, or sometimes a few key items like sneakers or a jacket.

This past Valentine’s Day, these matchy couples turned out in droves all over the city to show their fashion-focused affection for one another — and to send a clear message to everyone else that they are off the market. The phenomenon, which took root in the Nineties when Korean TV stars started donning matching clothes, transcends age groups, but remains most popular with young couples and newlyweds.

“We dress the same every day,” said Shin Seung-Chul, 35, as he shopped with his fiancée, Bae Jung-a, 34. They sported look-alike hoodies and sunglasses.

While individual styles depend on the couple — here they ranged from alternative to sleek to hipster to college-casual — a trend apparent in solid colors, like bright orange or all black. Matching overcoats and shoes also made for big statement pieces, because as one couple put it, they’re quickly noticeable.

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