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LET IT SNOW: High-level street style — literally and figuratively — came to the sidewalks of Park City, Utah when The Hollywood set descended on the mountain town for the Sundance Film Festival, which kicked off Jan. 19 and wraps up Jan.29.

For Angelenos, it was a chance to break out the puffer parkas, vintage fur, wooly overcoats and snow-proof boots that spend most of the year in storage, along with the winter-appropriate accessories to finish off the look. Those would be cross-body bags, scarves, shawls, gloves and hats. Unlike Coachella, where Millennials spend half the year sourcing the perfect music festival ensemble, most Sundance-goers wear clothes they already own or have stolen from mom’s closet (or whatever designer togs they’re lucky enough to be loaned if they’re an actor). This year, Mother Nature cooperated with the fashion theme, dumping fresh coats of snow over Utah on a daily basis. It might have made it harder to climb steep Main Street in Old Town, but it sure made the wide-brimmed hats, knit caps and beanies useful; ditto the rubber-soled footwear.

Underneath the outerwear, most festival-goers paired colorful sweaters and blouses, high-waisted jeans, cropped pants (all the better for showing off boots). Funnily enough, there always seemed to be two camps for Sundance dressing: those who are overprepared or those who are underprepared for the elements. For those who didn’t quite expect real “weather,” there were plenty of bars and restaurants and sponsored, invite-only “lounges” in which to take shelter and protect their suede accessories. And for those who are expected to attend a film premiere in a fashionable, but not very practical, outfit, there are chauffeured SUVs to whisk one from the Main Street to the red carpet.