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Some things never change, including Sundance Film Festival style, which seems to have gone the same clichéd way as that other “festival” style, Coachella. Actress Missi Pyle joked that she’s been wearing the same outfit to Sundance for the last five years — but she could easily have been speaking the truth. Fashion, especially the sort that serves the utilitarian purpose of keeping people warm, moves slower in a small mountain town like Park City than in a major metropolis.

Skinny jeans or leather leggings and slim sweaters, topped by puffy parkas, fur jackets, or tailored wool coats once again ruled on Main Street. That doesn’t mean we didn’t find plenty of pretty people working the look — including actors Adrian Grenier, Mamie Gummer and beauty innovator Emily Weiss — all of whom seemed perfectly happy to dress down.

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