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WWD asked some of Beijing’s hip crowd for their favorite brands and how they like to shop.

Name: Hua Yu Xuan
Age: 19
How would you describe your style?: Totally kawaii, like Japanese ‘cute.’ I look for things that are sweet and not too wild.
What brands do you like most?: I don’t really like name brands. I only shop from small, unknown stores. It’s cooler that way.

This story first appeared in the February 19, 2008 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Name: Xu Jun
Age: 23
What celebrity’s style do you most admire?: Nicolas Cage. He is in great movies and always looks really good.
What brands do you like most?: Versace and Armani, though I can’t afford to buy either of them.

Name: Bai Xue
Age: 22
What’s the most you’ve ever spent for an item?: My parents gave me the money for a real Louis Vuitton bag, about [$1,300], for my graduation gift.
Is that what you’re carrying now?: No, this one’s a fake. It was only [$4]. I can’t just carry one bag all the time — I like having a lot of different ones to choose from.

Name: Feng Tao Xin
Age: 21
What celebrity’s style do you like the most?: I love to see what Victoria Beckham is wearing. Right now I’m into Ugg boots — I just bought a fake pair for [$7].
What brands are your favorites?: I like Adidas for casual items and Armani for dressier pieces. I recently bought a real Armani suit — it was about [$1,400] but it’s really nice so it was worth it.

Name: Jie Hong Ling
Age: 21
How do you describe your style?: Pretty simple and casual. Nothing too fussy.
What was your last big fashion purchase?: This jacket that I’m wearing. It cost [$130]. But if money wasn’t a factor, I’d go shopping at Gucci or G-Star.

Name: Gong Xin
Age: 24
What are your favorite brands?: I love CK,
Armani and Ferragamo. And I just bought these jeans from Mango, which I also really like. They cost [$95].
What celebrity style do you like the most?: Nicole Kidman. She always looks so sophisticated.

Name: Song Ling
Age: 23
How would you describe your style?: Cool and unfussy. You don’t see a lot of women with short hair in China, but I don’t like to look too girly.
Who are your style icons?: Faye Wong and [the character] Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve seen every episode of “Sex and the City” — it’s really popular here. She has a great sense of colors and a totally unique look.

Name: Xiao Qi
Age: 25
Where do you shop?: I’m a travel agent, so I get to go to Japan often and do all my shopping there. There’s a lot of unique stuff and a big selection.
What’s the biggest splurge you’ve ever made?: I bought a jacket from a small leather shop in Paris. It was pretty expensive at [$1,200] but so amazing.

Name: Yang Yi Le
Age: 18
What’s your biggest fashion influence?: I follow Japanese street fashion trends on the Internet. I also like the styles from [South] Korea.
How much do you spend per month on fashion items?: About [$250]. My parents give me money for clothes. My favorite item right now is these Kappa limited edition sneakers, which cost about [$85].

Name: Wu Nan
Age: 21
How do you describe your style?: It’s definitely the “cute” style, which is really big here. I love Chinese editions of the Japanese magazines, like Rayli.
If money was no object, where would you shop?: Definitely Chanel. It’s a great brand. I like the styles there very much.
Do you know who the designer for Chanel is?: No.

Name: Yan Kai
Age: 18
What are your favorite fashion items?: Levi’s jeans and Nike shoes. I got these Nike shoes at a local neighborhood store for [$85]. The same ones would have cost me [$110] if I’d bought them at the Nike store.
If money was no object, where would you shop?: I don’t really care too much about what brands I buy. I’m just looking for things I really like.

Name: Liu Shan Shan
Age: 19
How would you describe your style?: Comfortable. Definitely not the “cute look” — it’s too common.
What’s your favorite recent purchase?: My coat is one of my favorite items right now. It cost [$40] at a local store.

Name: Shen Qian Qian
Age: 19
What are your favorite brands?: Prada, LV and Gucci. A good friend gave me this Gucci lanyard as a gift, because she knows I like Gucci so much.
Do you ever buy fakes of these brands?: No. I’m just not interested in that. I’d rather wait and have the real item.

Name: Wang Xin Quan
Age: 23
What are your favorite brands?: I like Nike, Adidas and Fubu. But And 1 is my favorite, because I love basketball.
Who are your fashion icons?: Allen Iverson has great style. Everyone knows him — he’s a superstar.

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