NEW YORK — It appears that Jim Gordon’s effort to mount a second textile show in Los Angeles is over — for at least the time being.

Gordon is president of Gordon Textile International Ltd., which represents 18 upscale fabric mills, primarily from Europe. He had hoped to work with the Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA) to establish another textile show there. TALA, along with the California Mart, sponsors the twice-yearly Los Angeles International Textile Show.

“After meeting with TALA, they said they couldn’t put on two shows within four months of each other,” Gordon said.

Gordon’s effort reflected the controversy over the dates of the Los Angeles show since its inception two years ago. The initial scheduling for the show set editions in April and October. However, the New York-based Textile Distributors Association, which endorses the show by featuring 40 of its larger members in Los Angeles, wants the shows to be held in August and January. The TDA claims that the April/October slate falls in between selling seasons.

While Gordon is a TDA member, he, along with several other New York-based firms and TALA, which represents 100 textile firms exhibiting at Los Angeles, want to keep the April/October scheduling. For the next show, the TDA is getting its way, with dates set for Jan. 23-25.

“TALA and the Mart are going to see how the January show goes, and move on from that point in terms of future dates,” Gordon said.

“Right now the possibility of putting on another textile show in the Mart right after the big show is impossible,” said Bob Berg, president of TALA.

The January show will go on without Gordon Textiles.

Gordon said that the January date “fits in well with print converters that make up a large portion of TDA membership, but for better fashion fabrics, it doesn’t work.

“While this April is probably out of the question, I am investigating other possibilities including dates and sites for future shows,” Gordon said.

Another New York company that has decided to forgo the January show is J.L. deBall of America, Ltd., a manufacturer of corduroy. Like Gordon, deBall had been an exhibitor at the Los Angeles show since its began in May 1993. DeBall is not a TDA member, though.

“January is in the middle of nowhere,” said Bill Trienekens, president of deBall. “It’s either going to be a show to book orders, which isn’t really applicable in a show format, or it’s going to be a show where I’m going to be too early or too late with my offerings.”

Two other New York non-TDA firms that backed Gordon’s April/August push are Raxon Fabrics Corp. and Barn Hill Textiles. They said the January does not fit their selling or introduction schedules.

Majestic Mills, a TDA member firm that had sided with Gordon in pushing for an April show, however, will exhibit in January.

“We have a preference for an April/October showing, but we are in support of the concept of the show in form and in fact,” said Fred Baumgarten, president of Majestic.

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