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Calvin Klein Underwear for men is launching a modern, new offering for spring: Calvin Klein Dual Tone.

The high-tech line of underwear, which is rendered in an exclusive dual-knitting technique, is part of the Calvin Klein white label brand structure. Deliveries are scheduled to commence Jan. 25.

Kevin Carrigan, global creative director for Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, Calvin Klein platinum label and Calvin Klein white label, described the new line as “supersexy.”

“It’s like a second skin and looks iridescent on the body. The line also features our new square-cut brief, which sits lower on the waist and has a straight cut on the leg. It’s sharp and masculine,” said Carrigan. 

Suggested retail for bottoms will be $24 to $28; a V-neck T-shirt will sell for $34. Sizes will range from S to XL.

The color palette includes combinations of platinum and black, black and gray, midnight blue and black, as well as a bold mélange of gray and yellow, orange and copper, purple and midnight blue and a multired combination.

Here, a Q&A with Bob Mazzoli, chief creative officer of Calvin Klein Underwear, about the Dual Tone launch.

WWD: What is the high-tech fabrication that makes this line unique?
Bob Mazzoli:
For Calvin Klein Dual Tone, we developed a fabric that enabled us to execute color in a way that is dual dimensional. A solid surface reveals a metamorphosis when worn — with shifts in nuance of shade and color — that evoke the musculature of a panther, the movement of a shark, or a fish swimming just below the surface. To achieve this, we used a lightweight, dual-knitting technique that combines two fibers of cotton and synthetic that allow us to achieve the two color layers. The waistband also reflects this sensibility and takes its external cues from the hidden color of the body fabric, thus appearing in contrast to the body.

WWD: Is this fabric innovation exclusive to Calvin Klein Underwear?
We developed the fabric concept with a key strategic partner and do believe we are the first and only brand to execute this knitting technique in men’s underwear.

WWD: What else makes this line special?
We are using color in a new way that has a powerful and dynamic subtlety. Additionally, the fabric is extremely comfortable. We are also debuting the launch of our exciting new silhouette, the square cut.

WWD: What benefits does this new product offer?
The square-cut silhouette provides a great alternative in terms of silhouette for the modern consumer. It has the best attributes of a brief and a trunk combined in one garment.

WWD: How will it be marketed?
Calvin Klein Dual Tone will be marketed with a holistic approach, beginning with a compelling, global advertising campaign that will be incorporated at the store level on through to the packaging of the product.

WWD: Will Dual Tone have global distribution?
Yes, the product and marketing will have the full benefit of consumer exposure in all of our worldwide distributions and geographies.