Cone Denim, the Greensboro, N.C.-based denim fabric manufacturer, has been named a member of the Better Cotton Initiative. BCI, a nonprofit organization, promotes responsible global standards, bringing together the cotton supply chain from farmers to retailers.

“Cone Denim promotes sustainability and responsible manufacturing in all of our operations, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with other members of the cotton supply chain to share best practices and work to continuously improve the production and sustainability of cotton, and grow the demand for Better Cotton,” said Steve Maggard, vice president of operations, planning and product development for Cone Denim.

Maggard said Cone Denim promotes both sustainable practices in its operations and development of new denim “in ways that minimize our environmental footprint and promote responsible stewardship of the area’s natural resources.”

The company said its Cone 3D R&D incubator develops fabrics focused on “performance, comfort, uniqueness and sustainability.” Breakthrough initiatives include incorporating distinctive fiber blends, fabric constructions and engineering process technologies that support environmentally responsible practices.

Cone’s Sustainblue Collection, for example, is composed of denim constructions using sustainable yarns and recycled cotton and polyester. The company partners with suppliers that have received numerous award certifications for their achievements in providing fibers and yarns that have a reduce, reuse and recycle component.

Cone Denim operates as part of International Textile Group Inc., with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Asia and Mexico, including the flagship White Oak mill in Greensboro.

Brands and retailers that are members of BCI include Nike, Adidas, Levi Strauss & Co., H&M, Marks & Spencer, VF Corp., Tommy Hilfiger, A|X stores, Wal-Mart, Inditex and Tesco, representing more than 10 percent of global cotton consumption.