Fabrics from the Denim North America R3 Denim line.

Denim North America, a denim manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ga., has incorporated use of one of the latest innovations in point-and-click technology called Clickable Paper.

Ricoh Co.’s Clickable Paper provides one-touch access to multiple links, including product information, reviews and downloadable extras. Rich media links can go to a range of areas, such as photos, video, web sites, e-commerce portals, social networks and phone-based actions like making a call, sending an email or opening a map, the company noted.

Instead of QR codes that require a visible barcode on printed material, Clickable Paper imbeds one or more hotspots on a page, and several links can be assigned to each hotspot.

“This technology will allow our customers to easily access the most up-to-date information on our products and services with the touch of a button,” said Linsey Flitcroft, vice president of merchandising and development at Denim North America, a division of DNA Textile Group. “By downloading the free CP Clicker app to your smartphone and snapping a photo of a Clickable Paper enabled image, you are able to access the r3denim.com web site highlighting our sustainable R3 Denim collection. Clickable Paper connects printed materials to online resources using image-recognition software. It is one-touch access to multiple links giving direct access to our web site and the ability to make a call or send an e-mail.”

R3 Denim, manufactured in Georgia, is a collection of sustainable fabrics designed and milled by DNA Textile Group using ECO2cotton fibers from textile waste, including T-shirt and jeans fabric waste left on the cutting room floors of apparel manufacturers that would otherwise be sent to landfills or incinerated. The waste is regenerated mechanically into cotton fiber and then spun into yarn. The mechanical process is free of chemicals and water usage.  Each pair of jeans made with R3 Denim contains the equivalent of two recycled T-shirts.

Denim North American said it plans to continue use of this technology with future product releases, saving valuable time communicating latest innovations and providing interactive services with one-touch access.