One of Austin Dillon’s race crew wearing a Russell Coolforce T-shirt.

The Dow Chemical Co. and Russell Brands are collaborating to provide advanced odor and freshness protection to apparel performance products using Dow’s Silvadur technology.

Products treated with this technology will feature Dow’s Intellifresh brand, making it among the first uses of the patented technology on performance apparel products.

“Dow research shows that more consumers are looking for products that promote a healthier lifestyle,” said Larry Ryan, business president for Dow Energy & Water Solutions. “Consumers surveyed indicated they are interested in purchasing a wide variety of products with durable protection against odor or odor-causing bacteria. The collaboration with Russell is a prime example of how Dow, with its innovative technology behind Intellifresh, can partner with brand owners, manufacturers and retailers to fulfill consumer needs.”

The Russell Coolforce T-shirt is infused with Intellifresh, described as an “invisible ingredient that provides built-in freshness and odor protection” derived from Dow’s Silvadur technology that neutralizes bacteria that can build up on fabric surfaces so fabrics stay fresher longer, even between washings.

Rick Medlin, chief executive officer and president of Russell Brands, a subsidiary of Fruit of the Loom Inc., said, “Our brand is committed to seeking the highest standards of performance in athletic apparel at an affordable price and it’s a privilege to share this technology with all our consumers.”

The Coolforce shirt already includes a proprietary, chemical-free cooling technology that doesn’t degrade over time, allowing wearers to elevate their workouts by keeping them cool and dry to reach their maximum performance potential. The inclusion of the Intellifresh odor-protection ingredient complements these features, Russell said.

The Intellifresh logo will be featured on Austin Dillon’s No. 3 Dow Chevrolet at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Talladega, Ala., on Sunday. Dillon’s crew will be wearing Intellifresh-branded Coolforce T-shirts during the race weekend.

In 2015, Dow had annual sales of nearly $49 billion and employed approximately 49,500 people worldwide. The Company’s more than 6,000 product families are manufactured at 179 sites in 35 countries across the globe.

Russell Brands is a leading supplier of apparel and team uniforms at the high school, college and professional levels. Russell Brand’s collegiate-licensed products and athleticwear are broadly distributed and marketed through department stores, sports specialty stores and college bookstores.