WASHINGTON — Members of the House Textile Caucus plan to seek a meeting with President Clinton to express the industry’s frustration at the lack of progress in ongoing market-opening talks of the Uruguay Round of GATT.

“We’re well along the path to a final GATT,” caucus chairman John Spratt (D., S.C.), said Wednesday. “We need to decide what else we can do with the administration to make sure their promises are fulfilled.”

Spratt, along with Textile Caucus members Butler Derrick (D., S.C.), and L.F. Payne (D., Va.), met in private with textile industry officials for an hour Wednesday on Capitol Hill to plot strategy in seeking accommodations for the industry in quota phaseouts and in market access with India and Pakistan. Implementing legislation for the worldwide treaty is currently being drafted and the industry fears that thousands of jobs will be lost as the U.S. market opens to textile imports while foreign markets remain closed to U.S. industry exports.

Spratt said the meeting was to “stiffen our resolve and the keep the administration interested in market access negotiations.”

A congressional aide who attended the meeting said the textile officials are “fed up.”

— J.B.“2.X>

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