Continuing its efforts to promote a more sustainable global textile sector, Huntsman Textile Effects and The Chemours Co., a subsidiary of DuPont, have introduced Zelan R3, a renewably sourced, nonfluorinated, durable water-repellent finish. Based on a new technology from Chemours, Zelan R3 is said to be the industry’s first renewably sourced water repellent treatment.

The Zelan R3 finish contains 63 percent renewably sourced content. This material is derived from a variety of plant-based sources, selected to be from non-genetically modified and nonfood-source feedstock.

Zelan R3 also complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements and is compliant with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals standard and the Joint Roadmap Manufacturers Restricted Substance List. Chemours is also in the process of becoming a Bluesign system partner, so that the organization and the Zelan R3 finished product can be evaluated, achieve Bluesign-approved status and be listed in Bluefinder verified list for the textile industry. The intent is to have this completed by the middle of this year.

Zelan R3 finish repels water and common water-based liquids such as fruit juice, hot coffee and red wine. It performs on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, synthetics and blends, and is suited for high-performance outdoor and outerwear fabrics. Zelan R3 finish claims to be three times more durable than existing nonfluorinated repellents, delivering repellency for at least 30 washes, comparable to leading repellent products.

“Brands are increasingly demanding products that are sustainable and renewably sourced without sacrificing high-performance durability,” said Lee Howarth, global marketing manager of Huntsman Textile Effects, a Singapore-based unit of chemical giant Huntsman Corp. “Zelan R3 finish was developed to satisfy this demand, delivering superior water protection, while also reducing the environmental footprint of treated fabrics. Zelan R3 finish continues the 25-year alliance of Chemours and Huntsman and reinforces our joint commitment to innovation that accelerates the textile industry’s drive for greater sustainability.”

Brands and retailers that have Zelan R3 finished fabrics that meet durable water repellency performance levels may obtain a Trademark Licensing Agreement from Chemours allowing them to use the Teflon EcoElite brand in promotion of their products.