Hyosung Corp., one of the leading producers of nylon for intimate apparel, sportswear and outerwear and outdoor gear, said Monday it plans to start up a Mipan nylon manufacturing facility in Nhon Trach, Vietnam.

The new facility is located in the same area as Hyosung’s Creora spandex and tire core facilities.

“We invested in Vietnam as the next step in Hyosung’s global nylon growth strategy and to better serve the Southeast Asian market,” said Hyosung president B.S. Park. “The state-of-the-art facility is competitive to ensure fast and reliable service in the region. We also intend to meet customer needs for innovation with microdenier, recycled, moisture management and other specialty items.”

Ria Stern, global marketing director for Hyosung Textiles, said, As sourcing from Vietnam continues to be important to brands and retailers, we wanted to provide expanded product offerings, as we already produce Creora spandex in Vietnam.”

Last year, Hyosung increased its spandex capacity in China and Vietnam by 12 percent to 190,000 tons annually. The company also opened a Textile Development Center in Jiaxing, China, to focus on fabric development and innovation. The center includes covering, hosiery, seamless and circular knitting, and weaving equipment. The intent is to use the facilities to test new Creora spandex product innovation and to develop prototype concepts.

Hyosung will be exhibiting at next week’s Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it will launch Freshgear, an odor-neutralizing nylon, and promote the Mipan line that includes Aqua-X cool touch and moisture-management nylon, Robic and Robic Air high-tenacity nylon, and Regen recycled nylon and Regen recycled polyester, along with Askin cool touch, UV and moisture-management polyester, and Creora Color and Creora Black.

Hyosung is a major South Korean multinational conglomerate, with annual worldwide sales of more than $11.5 billion last year. The company maintains a global network of 73 subsidiaries and international branch offices around the world.