NEW YORK — Denim mills are sharpening their focus on adding value to their fabrics.

Driven by technology, the ath-leisure trend and consumer calls for specialized clothing, fabric makers at last week’s BPD Expo 3.0 were showing a range of innovative products.

Turkey’s Calik Denim displayed several specialty woven and treated fabrics serving various niches. Collaborating with Lycra Dual FX, Calik has created Elastech high-elastic fabrics with minimal shrinkage that eliminate puckering and keep their shape. Circular Elastech, meanwhile, gives multiangular movement and a fuller range of motion. Using Lycra dualFX in the warp and weft, combined with Lycra T400 fiber for strong recovery, its also helps to avoid size variance and maintain a high level of shape.

Calik’s new Curve technology aims to “shape and sculpt” curvy body types, combining proprietary weaving techniques with Lycra Dual FX fiber, said a spokeswoman. T-Power is also a stretch jeans fabric meant for a looser fit with a cottony feel, while avoiding elastane yarn slippage increasing production efficiency.

Calik’s Ultrasoft aims for comfort and fashion using Lenzing’s modal and Tencel fibers, while its Knitrogene has a twill weave and soft finish for casual tops and bottoms.

Fellow Turkish mill Orta is also creating new stretch fabrics using innovative techniques for spring.

Orta’s Amplify incorporates its trademarked Cognitive Stretch bi-stretch fibers that amplify peak performance through high-intensity flexibility, sales representative Allison Wohl noted.

The latest in Orta’s Bluefrequency line are fabrics with specialty characteristics.

Black Ice reflects sunlight, armed with a permanent UV protection factor above 30. White Flight features stain-resistant technology, while Cool Air offers contains fibers that move moisture away from the body.

U.S. mill Mount Vernon Mills was also showcasing value-added fabrics for the denim market. Executives Dale McCollum and David Mitchell said consumers and brands are seeking these specialty fabrics that are available due to to technological advances.

Mount Vernon’s Corn Spun Lycra stretch yarn, TreFlex stretch yarns and textured polyester air spun spandex yarns offer the flexibility that’s strong in the market. Its CoolVisions polypropylene yarns and Storm Denim finishes are made for moisture management, its denim with Coolmax and Trizar yarns provide temperature control, while odor control fabrics feature Dow’s Silverdur finish.

For those wanting more durability, Mount Vernon was showing abrasion-resistant denims using Invista’s Cordura yarns and its own WearEver finish, and ToughMax and Tencel yarns for improved strength.