Fiber giant Invista Inc. is rolling out Coolmax EcoMade technology, which leverages recent consumer insights for denim to bring sustainability and cool comfort to jeans.

Invista explained that denim made with Coolmax EcoMade technology is breathable and moves moisture away from the skin, helping the wearer stay cool, dry and comfortable. As with all Coolmax branded products, these performance characteristics are permanent and don’t wash out.

An added benefit of fibers with Coolmax EcoMade technology is that its made from 97 percent recycled resources. Plastic bottles are diverted away from landfills and recycled, which reduces their environmental impact on the planet. Through a six-step process, this plastic is transformed into fiber that is suitable for apparel use.

“Research shows that increasingly consumers are looking for added benefits such as cool comfort in their jeans,” said Jean Hegedus, Invista’s global denim segment director. “Denim with Coolmax EcoMade technology provides both the performance benefits consumers are seeking and reduced environmental impact. So, for the consumer, it’s really a win-win proposition.”

The company said a recent Invista study of 1,500 men and women across three countries showed that 75 percent of participants desired a jean that would help keep them cool in warm weather. Among ingredient brands in the cooling space, the Coolmax brand was found to generate the most interest in purchasing a summer jean.

Invista said it will present its latest innovations for denim at the Kingpins trade show in New York, set for Nov. 2 and 3 at Basketball City at Pier 36, 299 South Street. With a focus on the spring 2018 season, Invista will also showcase a variety of Coolmax branded concepts, including denim with Lycra spandex branded innovations such as Lycra Beauty fiber for shapewear and bodywear, and Lycra DualFX technology, which provides added flexibility and resilience for jeans.

Invista will also be hosting a seminar on Global Consumer Insights on Jeans presented by Hegedus on the opening day of the show.

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