resolved an intellectual property arbitration against a Chinese company for misuse of its confidential and proprietary purified terephthalic acid technology.

PTA is an ingredient used in the production of polyester.

“The resolution is encouraging because protecting our intellectual property is not just about us, it’s about protecting our customers’ investments and allowing them to maintain their competitive advantage,” said Mike Pickens, president if Invista Performance Technologies. “We have many clients in China, other parts of Asia, and the rest of the world who rely on intellectual property protection laws and the effectiveness of their local governments to enforce them.”

This result continues and builds upon Invista’s track record of successful resolution of infringement cases in a number of jurisdictions and venues, including the China International Economic Trade Arbitration Commission, the Supreme People’s Court of China, the Singapore International Arbitration Center, the Beijing Intermediate People’s Court, and the High Court of Hong Kong, as well as in U.S. state and federal courts.

“We are glad to see that our intellectual property protection initiatives in China align well with the government’s increased enforcement of these rights,” Pickens said. “This allows Invista to confidently continue developing and licensing leading-edge technology in China.”

Invista noted that it was during the course of this recent arbitration that it introduced its P8 technology, a new PTA platform that drives customers’ variable and capital costs even lower.

“We will take similar steps to protect this latest generation of technology, using legal actions as necessary to ensure protection of our intellectual property and the value it brings to our customers, everywhere in the world,” Pickens added. “By the same token, Invista goes to great lengths to ensure that we are not inadvertently infringing the IP rights of others. And to further protect our investment, we continue to add to Invista’s patent portfolio that covers the PTA technology we are licensing.”

Invista, with administrative offices in Wichita, Kan., and Wilmington, Del., produces the Lycra, Coolmax, Cordura, Stainmaster and Antron fibers used in products such as apparel, carpeting and car parts.

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