Turkish denim manufacturer Isko has become the first denim mill in the world to receive the EU Ecolabel certification for its Isko Earth Fit platform dedicated to sustainability.

EU Ecolabel is the official environmental label in the European Union, and is based on a commitment to environmental sustainability. Last year, Isko was awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification for its responsibly innovative approach.

The Isko EU Ecolabel products will be launched in May as part of the new collection.

Made with eco-friendly raw materials like organic cotton, Better Cotton, preconsumer recycled cotton and postconsumer recycled polyester from PET bottles, Isko Earth Fit offers responsibly innovated denim fabrics in a variety of shades.

“Being conscientious comes from research, attention, deep commitment and pointed awareness about what is happening to our planet,” said Fatih Konukoglu, chief executive officer of Isko and a board member of the parent Sanko Group. “Here in Isko, to produce means to care — care about people, environment, products. This firm’s belief is the heart of our nurturing approach. We believe in the future. That’s why we continue to invest in protecting our planet.”

Anita Winsnes, managing director and chief executive officer of Nordic Swan Ecolabel, said, “It’s great that the world’s biggest denim manufacturer shows such a commitment to sustainability. If we are going to succeed with the necessary green shift in our global economy, it’s important that companies like Isko clear the way. When giants take steps toward more sustainability, the impacts are huge.”

The EU Ecolabel is a holistic label that targets all relevant environmental issues in the life cycle of the product — from resource-extraction, use of energy and chemicals and CO2 emissions, as well as the social conditions for works in the value chain. Isko has offices in 35 countries and is a trademark of Sanko Tekstil, the textiles division of Sanko Group.