Jack & Jones, a Danish textile and men’s wear brand, has become Denmark’s first company to join with the Cotton Made in Africa initiative.

Jack & Jones will now offers clothes carrying the CMIA seal. The apparel will be completely made in Uganda, from cotton field to finished product. By purchasing textiles with the CMIA sustainability seal, consumers can directly support the effort to improve the living conditions of smallholder cotton farmers, protect the environment and create job opportunities within the textile value chain for the local communities in Uganda.

“At Jack & Jones, we love cotton and it is our most important raw material,” said Dorte Rye-Olsen, the company’s sustainability manager. “Through our ambitious Cotton Strategy we want to support that cotton is grown under better social and environmental conditions. Our partnership with Cotton Made in Africa supports this goal.”

Rye-Olsen said for its CMIA-labeled products, the company has partnered with Fine Spinners Ltd., a vertically integrated textile company based in Kampala, and established a fully integrated textile production chain from field to fashion in Uganda.

“We can thereby increase the textile value addition within the cotton-producing country and take care that all our CMIA-labeled products can be completely traced back within our textile value chain from the final product in the store down to the Southwestern CMIA growing region in Uganda,” Rye-Olsen added.

For Tina Stridde, managing director of CMIA, the cooperation with Jack & Jones and the recent development “Cotton to Textiles Made in Africa” initiates a major shifting point in the history of CMIA and for the textile industry in Uganda.

“With Jack & Jones we have won a partner that invests in long-term relationships between the Ugandan cotton and textile industry and the international consumer market,” Stridde said. “Thereby, CMIA smallholder farmers, workers along the textile production chain in Uganda, as well as consumers worldwide can directly profit. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with Jack & Jones where CMIA cotton lays the basis for their engagement in Uganda.”

Jack & Jones has more than 1,000 stores in 38 countries and thousands of wholesale partners all over the world. Jeans are still regarded the backbone of its business.