Lenzing Fibers has created a technical brochure in conjunction with Spanish textile finishing specialist Jeanologia detailing the advantages when using the latest laser-laundry technologies in conjunction with Tencel fabrics and garments.

The laundry of apparel and fabrics in the manufacturing process has long been a low-tech industry driven by manual labor and poor environmental standards, but the industry is starting to turn to technology to reduce labor costs and drive product development and environmental thinking.

Under the banner of “Light Sensitive,” Lenzing and Jeanologia have conducted a study to demonstrate the advantages of laser technology when using Tencel fabrics.

“Effective laser marking requires quick and effective dye removal, clear image definition, sharp image outline and smooth gray-scale transition,” said Begoña García, senior technologist at Jeanologia. “Fabrics that contain Tencel have the desired characteristics and are the perfect fabrics to work with laser.”

Jeanologia works with many textile and apparel companies focusing on industrial solutions in garment finishing, developing under sound principles of ecology, efficiency and ethics.

“The relationship between Tencel and Jeanologia dates back to 1994 and between then and now we have participated in many different projects together,” said Michael Kininmonth, project manager at Lenzing. “The relationship is such that they now are highly familiar with each-other’s know-how, such that working together has become almost second nature.”

Jeanologia has been providing equipment and consulting services to customers in 50 countries since 1993. Its laser, ozone and e-flow systems are considered cutting-edge for their techniques and for sustainable aspects of water conservation, energy and chemicals usage, and eliminating waste and harmful emissions.

The Lenzing Group is headquartered in Austria, with production sites in Europe, Asia and the U.S. for its cellulosic fibers Tencel Modal and viscose, all produced in a closed-loop production process.

For the nine months through September, Lenzing had sales of $1.69 billion. Last month, Lenzing said it is investing $293 million to build a Tencel fiber plant in Mobile, Ala.