Lenzing Inc., the Austrian wood-based fibers giant, has developed a Tencel indigo circular knit collection with Peru’s World Textile Sourcing they’re calling “Inca Indigo.”

The line, based on indigo-dyed Tencel yarns, combines the comfort of knits with the authentic look of denim. This has become a key trend in the denim market addressing the ath-leisure trend.

Inca Indigo collection integrates Peruvian heritage with authentic indigo dyeing and is 100 percent Peruvian designed, spun, dyed, knitted and sewn. The 17-piece collection includes styles for men and women in tops, bottoms and dresses. Indigo yarns are highlighted using design details currently featured in woven denim trends, such as laser distress and raw edges.

With established trade preference between Peru and the U.S. there is no duty to import garments with a yarn-forward supply chain. The close proximity between the U.S. and Peru ensure an efficient supply chain as well as simplified, quick response communication.

Alexis Stuart, showroom director at WTS, said with the collaboration with Lenzing, “We were able to create something exciting, yet steeped in history, by melding the ancient indigo dying technique with the modern Tencel fiber.”

“People think the history of dyeing with indigo in the Americas is old but, actually, it’s ancient,” said Michael Kininmonth, project manager at Lenzing, noting that recently a discovery of indigo-dyed fragments of cotton were found inside the archeological site at Huaca Prietain, located in northern Peru and thought to be at least 7,800 years old.

“The discovery makes the cotton fragments the oldest example of indigo used by humans as dye,” Kininmonth said. “So it is great to link the most ancient history of textiles with the most modern of denim stories.”

WTS is headquartered in Lima, Peru, with a New York-based business development and sales office. Established in 2009, WTS provides full package knit garments with in-house fabric development, design, lab testing, and quality control and inspection.

Lenzing is headquartered in Austria, with production sites in the Czech Republic, the U.K. and the U.S. Lenzing manufactures botanic cellulose fibers that in addition to Tencel includes modal and viscose. In 2015, Lenzing had revenue of 1.98 billion euro, or $2.13 billion, with fiber sales volume of 965,000 tons.