Loro Piana wool

FINEST FIBERS: The Italian luxury textile and clothing brand Loro Piana has awarded top marks to an Australian farm for making the finest wool in the world in 2015. Loro Piana awarded the prize to Pamela and Robert Sandlant, who run a farm in Pyrenees Park, Australia.

The Sandlants, whose bale of wool was 10.3 microns, beat the bale from Anna Emmerson’s Lindis Ridges farm in New Zealand. Her farm’s wool measured 10.6 microns. This is the second consecutive year that the Sandlants have won. The Loro Piana Record Bale is a competition that recognizes fine wool.

This is the 18th edition of the competition, and the winner was announced during a news conference in London on Friday. Deputy chairman of the luxury goods company, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, said the company’s annual quest for the finest wool was part of its focus on quality and sustainability as a company.

Going forward, he said the company would continue to “research fabrics at a very high level. We are looking for the best quality. Today we are lucky that we are developing product that represents a sustainable product. But at the same time, we’re not losing the touch of elegance and style that our consumer requests. We want to combine natural product with lifestyle in the look that the people want to have today.”

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