NEW YORK — The Washington lobbyist for textile titan Roger Milliken said the magnate would consider returning to the American Textile Manufacturers Institute following the organization’s restructuring of its staff.

As reported, the ATMI by March plans to eliminate four top staff positions, and Carlos Moore, the group’s executive vice president, is set to step down. Milliken & Co. left that group in October 2000 after withholding its dues for several months. At that time, Milliken said his complaint was that the organization’s staff was not “forthrightly and vigorously” advocating trade positions that had been set by the ATMI board.

“Milliken would come back if they get good staff and a good business plan and stuff like that,” Jock Nash, lobbyist for the Spartansburg, S.C.-based company, said Tuesday.

Chuck Hayes, ATMI president and chairman of Guilford Mills, could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon. But at ATMI’s annual meeting in March, Hayes said “Mr. Milliken has an agenda of his own. I’m not going to say if it is right or wrong.”