Nick Graham has launched a newer, cleaner version of his e-commerce site and has added his latest collection of furnishings, called “Crazy for Cuba.”

The new line comes in a series of blues in patterns ranging from florals and polka dots to stripes and paisleys and is designed to complement his existing collection of shirts, neckwear, underwear and 3-D-printed jewelry.

“We want to give guys a way to express themselves with products and patterns that are familiar, but create a new fresh way of dressing,” he said.

Prices for the collection average $95 for shirts, $69 for neckwear and $20 for underwear.

Every product in the collection has a sewn-in QR code label that gives consumers access to “Nick Graham Everywhere,” a blog that is updated regularly with contests, gifts, concert tickets and music.

Graham, best known as the founder of the Joe Boxer line, recently launched into the wholesale market with a line under his own name that was shown at Project in Las Vegas last month.

“We had a great show and saw everyone we wanted to see,” said Chuck Hellman, president of the Nick Graham Organization. “We are [pleased] to start shipping this summer to retail accounts both in the U.S. and abroad.”