PARIS Première Vision is soon to be open around the clock with the planned launch of an online marketplace connecting buyers with the fair’s exhibitors and their collections.

Gilles Lasbordes, general manager of Première Vision Group, at a press conference Tuesday held on the opening day of the group’s flagship Paris fabric fair, unveiled Première Vision Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary created in order to operate the new initiative, which is due to launch in the second half of 2018.

Geared to cater to the accelerated pace of more diversified collections, with increasing demand for fast product renewal and shorter time-to-market, the site will function as a B2B e-commerce site offering an edited catalogue of products from exhibitors’ collections; an editorial platform covering seasonal fashion trends and product information, and a service provider. “We want to give our exhibitors access to new business opportunities and the possibility to engage with buyers outside of the shows,” said Lasbordes. Exhibitors will be able to control access to their collections, he added.

Initially the site, which will have its own dedicated team, will be reserved for sampling requests, similar to transactions that take place at the group’s physical shows. It will kick off with fabrics and gradually roll out to all of the show’s categories.

The medium-term goal, Lasbordes said, is to bring together the group’s database of 250,000 buyers and 1,500 exhibitors from across its program of international shows, offering some 70,000 products, including fabrics, leathers, accessories, denim and yarns. For buyers, access to the marketplace will be free of charge.

The platform is being developed with MIRAKL technologies, billed as the leading French publisher of marketplaces. “The technology used will be infinitely more sophisticated than anything we currently see on the market,” said Lasbordes, adding that the full details of the site will be presented in February.