The Fiber Price Sheet
The last Tuesday of every month, WWD publishes the current, month-ago and year-ago fiber prices. Prices listed reflect the cost of one pound of fiber or, in the case of crude oil, one barrel.
Fiber Price on 5/23/08* Price on 4/28/08 Price on 5/27/07
Cotton 61 cents 64.65 cents 53.05 cent
Wool $3.77 $3.95 $3.62
Polyester staple 88 cents 88 cents 88 cents
Polyester filament 81 cents 81 cents 84 cents
April Synthetic PPI 114.8 114.2 114.2
Crude oil $130.81 $118.52 $64.18
*Information on cotton and polyester pricing is provided by the consulting firm DeWitt & Co. The wool price is based on the average price for the week ended May 23 of 11 different thicknesses of fiber, ranging from 15 microns to 30 microns, according to The Woolmark Co. The synthetic-fiber producer index, or PPI, is compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and reflects the overall change in all synthetic-fiber prices. It is not a price in dollars but a measurement of how prices have changed since 1982, which had a PPI of 100. Oil prices reflect last week’s closing price on the New York Mercantile Exchange of future contracts for light, sweet crude oil to be delivered next month.
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