Sabine Le Chatelier, deputy fashion director at Première Vision, hosted a new seminar called “Trend Vision: Season Highlights” that focused on the key influences, fabrics, accessories and silhouettes for spring 2016.

Overall, Le Chatelier said it would be a “fruity, sparkling season,” featuring pastel colors accented with offsetting hues, and where “we welcome the unexpected out of the ordinary.”

Among the highlights were three themes:

• In Motion: A sporty spirit with an intimate side. This includes volume-oriented styles with multiple layers, as well as fabrics and pieces with rich textures and opulent decorations.

• Influences: Hyper expressive fabrics and styles that mix fabrics and fibers, and strong graphic elements, as well as witty references such as selfies and unusual twinned looks.

• Enhanced Fashion: Substantial and sensory fabrics and fashions, with voluptuous motifs, contrasting looks such as smooth with rough textures, and pieces with a luminous coldness.

As for specific fabric choices, key areas are raw sophistication such as a rough silk jacquard, fantasy novelty yarns and home decor fabrics like geometric jacquards and striped yarn-dyed goods. Transparencies are also important, with lightweight knits over colored wovens, opaque transparent patterns and enhanced volume.

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