The Woolmark Co. has just opened a “Wool Resource Centre” in Hong Kong in a bid to educate to designers, students and others involved with the wool trade.

“Designed to reveal the infinite creative possibilities of Australian Merino wool, the Wool Resource Centre provides market intelligence, technical innovations and sourcing information for wool-growers, spinners, knitters, retailers, designers, students and garment-makers. As part of its interactive program, The Woolmark Co. will also host seminars and training workshops to anyone who is passionate about understanding the [unrivaled] properties of wool,” the Australian company said.

The center is located in Kowloon Tower Landmark East. Designed by Hassell Studio, it features a library, a showroom and an events space for visitors.

Woolmark said Hong Kong was a logical choice for the new center as textiles and garments are an important part of the local economy and the city is a major hub for spinners and knitters.