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13 Bonaparte Men’s Spring 2020

David Sarfati reworked the staples in his season-less utilitarian wardrobe in new interpretations for spring.

13 Bonaparte Men’s Fall 2019

David Sarfati sought to conceptualize the codes of masculinity through uniforms, sports and transportation…

13 Bonaparte Men’s Spring 2019

David Sarfati's utilitarian wardrobe moved into more feminine territory for spring.

13 Bonaparte Men’s Fall 2018

13 Bonaparte continues to develop its vocabulary of architecturally inclined contemporary men's wear, with a…

13 Bonaparte Men’s Spring 2018

David Sarfati keeps growing his workwear-tinged wardrobe organically.

13 Bonaparte Men’s Fall 2017

David Sarfati is gaining ground with his unbuttoned take on workwear.

13 Bonaparte Men’s Fall 2016

David Sarfati has opened his 13 Bonaparte line to a wider retail audience lately.

13 Bonaparte Men’s RTW Fall 2015

David Sarfati took outerwear as his starting point for his sixth collection.

13 Bonaparte Men’s RTW Spring 2015

David Sarfati played with American sportswear, revisiting the five-pocket jean with bigger volumes and…

13 Bonaparte Men’s RTW Fall 2014

David Sarfati’s casual-chic collection included adjustable, single-pleat pants he crafted from an ultra-soft…