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22/4 Hommes Men’s Spring 2018

Her simple, crisp, color-blocked designs for men and women were adorned with skinny rope drawstrings, safety…

22/4 Hommes Men’s Fall 2017

This coed collection was designed to be elegant as the weather changes, and was filled with comforting looks.

22/4 Homme RTW Men’s Spring 2017

Stephanie Hahn understands a good suit. Handmade in Germany, the pieces she puts out ooze chic, but remain…

22/4 Hommes Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The collection mixed English ravers with huntsmen dressing to strong visual effect.

22/4 Men’s RTW Spring 2016

"It's mostly about the trench this season," warned Stephanie Hahn backstage before the show.

22/4 Hommes Men’s Fall 2015

Stephanie Hahn said she looked to Oscar Wilde’s flamboyant aesthetic for fall.

22/4 Hommes Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Stephanie Hahn’s soft tailoring felt more athletic than in previous seasons.

22/4 Hommes Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Stephanie Hahn took a walk on the wild side this season, experimenting for the first time with faux fur.

22/4 Hommes Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Stephanie Hahn’s debut on the official Paris calendar was a pristine affair, with Robert Ryman as its snowy…

22/4 Hommes Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Having trained as a pattern maker at the prestigious Arts Academy of Dusseldorf, Stephanie Hahn showed…