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A-Cold-Wall Men’s Spring 2023

Some of Samuel Ross' patchwork, color-splattered shirts and jackets recalled works by Jackson Pollock. 

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Fall 2022

The look fell somewhere between the street urchin of yesteryear, and the Mars dweller of tomorrow.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Spring 2022

Samuel Ross injected his spring collection with blocks of crayon colors for a more optimistic take on…

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Fall 2021

Problem solving through garment design has been Ross' primary obsession.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Spring 2021

Samuel Ross' attempt to reconcile the brand's two souls translated into a personal and authentic collection.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Fall 2020

This brand that launched with streetwear is growing up, and moving on, with tailored pieces.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Spring 2020

Samuel Ross did a lot of reevaluating for his latest outing.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Fall 2019

This colorful, textural collection full of gentle padding, quilting and cutouts, was obscured by a piece of…

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Spring 2019

Samuel Ross looks to a futuristic dystopia for spring 2019.

A-Cold-Wall Women’s and Men’s RTW Fall 2018

Ross examined how clothing could be recut and reinterpreted using workwear and construction shapes.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Spring 2018

An intelligent collection of slightly off-kilter proportions that riffed on office workers' wardrobes.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s RTW Fall 2017

For his first runway outing, Samuel Ross moved confidently beyond streetwear staples.