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A Détacher RTW Fall 2018

Designer Mona Kowalska created luminosity through intriguing clothes with a can-do spirit.

A Détacher RTW Fall 2017

Delicate lace featured printed graphic plaid patterns.

A Détacher RTW Spring 2017

Designer Mona Kowalska used florals, denim and lace to play with the idea of sporty elegance.

A Détacher RTW Fall 2016

Mona Kowalska incorporated "everything I like: cowboy, biker and oversize" into a fall collection that…

A Détacher RTW Spring 2016

A Détacher's Mona Kowalska riffed on the poof sleeve on printed looks with a vintage vibe.

A Détacher RTW Fall 2015

Mona Kowalska's fall collection featured knits with a "live in it" quality.

A Détacher RTW Spring 2015

Childhood played a heavy theme throughout the brand's spring collection with oversize silhouettes and…

A Détacher RTW Fall 2014

Designer Monika Kowalska’s quirky wardrobe told the story of a girl who, forced to stay away from the gym…

A Détacher RTW Spring 2014

Mona Kowalska’s collection was defined by a crisp white sack-shaped top and black skirt.

A Détacher RTW Fall 2013

Monika Kowalska's lovely collection for A Détacher was an ode to travel and safari.

A Detacher RTW Spring 2013

Monika Kowalska focused her collection around a single effect: a twisted knot of fabric that appeared on…

A Detacher RTW Fall 2011

Mona Kowalska’s Seventies-inspired sportswear was full of corduroy mini skirts and blazers and wide-leg…

A Détacher RTW Fall 2010

Mona Kowalska’s country-chic collection was incredibly relaxed without looking sloppy.

A Detacher RTW Spring 2010


A Detacher RTW Fall 2009

Monika Kowalska’s collection included beautifully tailored pieces juxtaposed against items with a clean…