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Aalto RTW Spring 2020

In a road-trippy state of mind, Tuomas Merikoski brought us the stingray hat, traditional Finnish clogs and…

Aalto Resort 2020

Tuomas Merikoski crafted an uplifting lineup with subtle punk references.

Aalto RTW Fall 2019

A focus on integrated hats, chunky chain-linked jewelry and a profusion of scarves added elegance to a…

Aalto RTW Spring 2019

Merikoski outfitted his women for the office with a strong lineup that celebrated female power.

Aalto Resort 2019

Athletes and models marched on the catwalk in a celebration of contemporary women's strength and their…

Aalto RTW Fall 2018

The Finnish designer pushed the volumes into new territory, feeding his theme of asymmetry.

Aalto Pre-Fall 2018

Tuomas Merikoski offered a slightly gauche — rather than glam — spin on the Seventies for…

Aalto RTW Spring 2018

With a collection in pale hues and splashes of bright yellow, Tuomas Merikoski probed the idea of a digital…

Aalto Resort 2018

Tuomas Merikoski wove between masculine workwear references and more feminine silhouettes and motifs…

Aalto RTW Fall 2017

Tuomas Merikoski continued on with a more grown-up vibe for fall.

Aalto Pre-Fall 2017

Tuomas Merikoski worked a more grown-up vibe with Finnish inspiration in Aalto's lineup of masculine…

Aalto RTW Spring 2017

The rising Finnish label expressed a more grown-up side.

Aalto Resort 2017

Tuomas Merikoski again channeled Finland's teen spirit, this time with a little help from The Moomins.

Aalto RTW Fall 2016

Tuomas Merikoski's Aalto collections always draw inspiration from youth culture in his native Finland.

Aalto RTW Spring 2016

Aalto's spring collection was inspired by Nineties raves and the endless sunlight of summer in Finland.