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Acne Studios RTW Spring 2023

Jonny Johansson juxtaposed the sweet and studded in his 10th anniversary Paris show.

Acne Studios Men’s Spring 2023

Jonny Johansson imagined his men's collection as a wedding party with a twist.

Acne Studios RTW Fall 2022

The fall collection included draped fringe dresses and pants looks, with ripped T-shirts over top, and a…

Acne Studios Men’s Fall 2022

Jonny Johansson's lineup was inspired by the mismatched outfits of nomadic people, and his memories of…

Acne Studios RTW Spring 2022

Jonny Johansson is peeling off last season's layers, and looking at lingerie in a new light.

Acne Studios RTW Fall 2021

Jonny Johansson was inspired by the sweet comforts of home for his fall collection — down to the…

Acne Studios Men’s Fall 2021

Jonny Johansson's playful collection blended relaxed tailoring with upscale takes on workwear staples.

Acne Studios RTW Spring 2021

Guests walked through a series of white rooms, where light installations evoked the transition from dawn 'til…

Acne Studios Men’s Fall 2020

Johnny Johansson tapped artist Robbie Barrat to help create the collection using artificial intelligence.

Acne Studios RTW Fall 2020

With assistance from AI, Johnny Johansson whipped up a stream of modern, warped and distorted silhouettes…

Acne Studios RTW Spring 2020

Seeking to reconcile modern life with the natural world, Jonny Johannson proposed a frayed, knotted…

Acne Studios Men’s Spring 2020

Jonny Johansson rearranged familiar silhouettes and polished them up for a fashion-hungry generation.

Acne Studios RTW Fall 2019

Creative director Jonny Johansson delivered a fresh take on power dressing geared toward a Millennial…

Acne Studios Men’s Fall 2019

The retro-future, psychedelic hippy trip built on the brand's spring 2018 "thrift shop on acid" collection…

Acne Studios RTW Spring 2019

The dance-themed collection was filtered through the Seventies mood the designer's been exploring of late.