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Adam Lippes RTW Spring 2022

Sugar flower sculptures discovered on Instagram brought a new dimension to the designer's sportswear.

Adam Lippes Resort 2022

Adam Lippes is heralding the return of bold fashion, American-style.

Adam Lippes RTW Fall 2021

Adam Lippes on his first store, his new cannabis dispensary and his less-is-more fall collection.

Adam Lippes Pre-Fall 2021

Adam Lippes' pre-fall collection answered the question "How do we transition a woman from being home and…

Adam Lippes Spring 2021

What do women want? The Adam Lippes woman wants to dress up in comfort.

Adam Lippes RTW Fall 2020

Adam Lippes showed alluring, interesting clothes that make sense for women who love fashion in a pragmatic…

Adam Lippes RTW Pre-Fall 2020

No themes, just ultrachic clothes that radiated refinement with ease.

Adam Lippes RTW Spring 2020

Joy was the theme of Adam Lippes' relaxed yet sophisticated spring lineup, which was enlivened with his…

Adam Lippes Resort 2020

Moved by the audacious life choices of the British artist Hannah Gluckstein, Adam Lippes turned out a…

Adam Lippes RTW Fall 2019

Adam Lippes' fall line made a compelling case for the modernity of dressing with panache.

Adam Lippes Pre-Fall 2019

A beautiful collection is inspired by Roberto Peregalli interiors.

Adam Lippes Resort 2019

Inspired by Deeda Blair, Adan Lippes turned out a collection that fused elegance with ease.

Adam Lippes RTW Fall 2018

The designer put a big focus on heritage textiles made and sewn in Scotland.

Adam Lippes Pre-Fall 2018

Adam Lippes looked to French interior designer Madeleine Castaing for inspiration, offering a mix of pattern…

Adam Lippes RTW Spring 2018

Americana-meets-Japonica pretty much sums up Adam Lippes' assertive spring collection.