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Adeam Resort 2023

The brand is marking 10 years with a pop-up in New York and a resort offering zeroing in on convertibility.

Adeam RTW Fall 2022

Celebrating 10 years, designer Hanako Maeda focused her inspiration on New York City.

Adeam Pre-Fall 2022

Designer Hanako Maeda muses on the beauty and colors of the summer flowers found in the European countryside.

Adeam RTW Spring 2022

Want to know what to wear on a neon digital island vacation? Adeam has the answer

Adeam Resort 2022

Adeam's Hanako Maeda lightly transformed influences from her early 2000s wardrobe into a versatile, modern…

Adeam RTW Fall 2021

Japanese designer Hanako Maeda is launching Adeam Ichi, her first gender-neutral, size-inclusive lineup…

Adeam Pre-Fall 2021

Maeda's collection was rooted in lightweight, relaxed and voluminous silhouettes geared for summer dressing.

Adeam RTW Spring 2021

For her spring collection, Hanako Maeda looks to the beauty of Japanese summers for inspiration.

Adeam Resort 2021

The tightly edited lineup emphasized convertible silhouettes in core fabrics.

Adeam RTW Fall 2020

Along with her pretty fall collection, Hanako Maeda unveiled a capsule developed in collaboration with…

Adeam Pre-Fall 2020

The collection's playful and modern designs were informed by Japan's distinct four seasons and the…

Adeam RTW Spring 2020

For spring, Hanako Maeda riffed on a nautical theme as seen through her signature East meets West lens.

Adeam Resort 2020

The designer looked to Japanese woodblock prints to inform a collection blending organic textures and colors…

Adeam RTW Fall 2019

The Ainu, the indigenous population on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, inspired Hanako Maeda's pretty, fresh…

Adeam Pre-Fall 2019

Designer Hanako Maeda balanced experimental silhouettes and wearability with ease in her first pre-fall…