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Adeam RTW Spring 2019

The Nineties' club scene served as a major source of inspiration for Hanako Maeda's beautiful collection.

Adeam Resort 2019

Hanako Maeda began her resort collection reminiscing on Harajuku street style fashion from the Nineties.

Adeam RTW Fall 2018

Twenties' Japanese and Western influences converged in an elegant lineup portraying an independent, powerful…

Adeam RTW Spring 2018

Hanako Maeda attempted to fuse Seventies disco with traditional Chinese fashion.

Adeam Resort 2018

The soft, feminine collection centered around movement.

Adeam RTW Fall 2017

The collection drew inspiration from the Japanese subculture Gothic & Lolita.

Adeam RTW Spring 2017

Hanako Maeda was inspired by shodo, the Japanese art of calligraphy, for her most refined collection to date.

Adeam Resort 2017

Hanako Maeda wanted to capture the effortlessness of traditional summer dressing in her native Japan.

Adeam RTW Fall 2016

Traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques served as inspiration for Hanako Maeda's modern and elegant…

Adeam RTW Spring 2016

Hanako Maeda turned to sashes and shibori prints to creatively marry East and West sensibilities.

Adeam Resort 2016

Inspired by the latticework of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, designer Hanako Maeda played with pattern and…

Adeam RTW Fall 2015

The main inspiration for Hanako Maeda’s fall collection was Japanese contemporary artist Kohei Nawa’s…

Adeam RTW Spring 2015

For spring, creative director Hanako Maeda looked at Yves Klein’s “Anthropometry” paintings — blue imprints…

Adeam Resort 2015

Hanako Maeda’s drawing point for her Adeam resort collection came from the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi.&#8221…

Adeam RTW Fall 2014

Komako, the heroine of the Japanese novel “Snow Country,” was cited as Hanako Maeda’s fall…